Two index with same field cant be merged as single document

Hi i'm new to Kibana.

I tried to merge two index into a single document but failed

Here what i did:

  1. Created index as index11 and index12
  2. Created index pattern as index1*
  3. then in Discover tab i can see filed of two index like below


what i want ?

i want like this for my further filtering and visualization

Thanks in advance

Hi, please check the mappings of your two indices. You can do this from Dev Tools:

GET your-index-name/_mapping

Make sure that your common field of the two indices have the same mapping. If they don't, you'll want to update your mappings and reindex your data.

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Hi , I tried both are in having same mapping

can you tell the place where i need to mention the common field which is present in two indexes ?



Any comments ?

Good question!

The two lines correspond to two different documents and as these have different sets of fields you see this. Displaying the data the way you would like would require a join on the common field. This is not possible as Elasticsearch does not support joins.

And assuming all fields were the same? is there a way to join the two indices?

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