Two indexes, one on encrypted fs, one on regular fs

I'm tring to setup elastisearch for two different purposes, keeping general data that doesn't need encryption, and user sensitive data that needs to be stored in encrypted filesystem.

Can you please confirm/correct my conclusions ?

By reading the docs, i do understand that data.path can't be specified for an index, only on a general level. To my knowledge the only solutions seems to create TWO elasticclusters (separate clusters, not separate nodes) - since one cluster with multiple nodes spawns data - each with a specific datapath eg. elasticsearch-general & elasticsearch-encrypted.

Is it possible to use ONE accesspoint (eg elasticsearch-general host ) and to "redirect" the traffic based on the index name ? As I understood you could create an alternative location (redirct) for the encrpyted index within the elasticsearch-general instance, aka the other elastic instance on encrypted filesystem for the prupose of the encrypted-index. It would solely purpose as a gateway to the other instance. This would avoid the need to adapt the elastichost server configuration in our application that is dumping to elastic.

I think you could do this with "rack awareness". Look at the examples for hot/warm/cold.

You could create nodes with a "crypt" rack id that have encrypted fs. Then add that requirement to the index or template.

WHere they reside would be transparent to all access.

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