Two words to act as one string in search

Hello dear Elastic fellas, I'm new to Elasticsearch and already have some questions to which I don't know the answers fully. So question is what setting or filter I could use in order to make my search query act as one string when there are two words written? For example, I know that I have at least 100 companies whose names start with "company" and each ends differently like "company #1", "company #2" etc. but there is one company whose full name is "company IT" and when I write it to search query that full name, I receive not only that one company but also other names which includes word "IT" in their names like "IT works", "IT solutions" and etc. My goal is to set it right so that when I write that specific name from two words, I can receive only that one company and no other name suggestions but I don't mind suggestions when I write a one-word search query. Is there any solution? Thanks in advance for you answers :smile:

Have you tried using a match phrase query?

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