Uax_url_email tokenizer unexpected result

I define a sub-field like so:

        "tokenizer": {
            "my_email_tokenizer": {
                "type": "uax_url_email",
                "max_token_length": 100,
            "my_email_analyzer": {
                "type": "custom",
                "tokenizer": "my_email_tokenizer",
                "filter": ["lowercase", "stop","length_filter"]
            "fields": {

However when I try and analyze the email "foobar@baz.mail" against this field, the result is:

{'tokens': [{'end_offset': 13,
'position': 0,
'start_offset': 0,
'token': '',
'type': ''},
{'end_offset': 15,
'position': 1,
'start_offset': 13,
'token': 'il',
'type': ''}]}

Why is it splitting up the mail token? I thought it might be the max length, but I set it to 100 to be sure.

I am using ES 6.3.

The tokenizer uses a list of TLDs and not just anything like a@b.WHATEVER, which sometimes needs some time to update. I dont know on top of my head if .mail is a valid TLD, if it is, this may require an update in lucene.

A quick google search shows that .mail is not approved by ICANN. I do not know the input source of the data in lucene though.

hope this helps!

Does ICANN disallow local domains in email addresses?

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