Ubuntu Elastic Search copy the data folder not working

Hi am copying the entire data folder from windows elastic search server to Ubuntu elastic search server. But it is not working.. It is not showing the indexes in Kibana.

Any help should be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Do you want to make an indexes redirect?

Noo. I want to make all the data available from X server to Y server. Example dashbaord, Metric etc

You can use Server X to store your ElasticSearch data and Server Y to visualize them by Kibi/Kibana Visualization, using Server X ip easily.

However, how Kibana looks like after copying?

The think is that its working fine in Windows environment. We don't want to rely on two servers it is not pick up the data folder in Ubuntu environment. We have copied the data folder into /usr/share/elasticsearch similar like windows C:\elasticsearch. In Ubuntu nodes are newly created inside the /var/lib/elasticsearch.

I use Ubuntu and it's works very well. Do you install ES as a service?

Yes We installed ES as a service

Yes We installed ES as a service

Do you restart ES after copying? How does Kibana look like?

Yes but it is newly created the node inside the /var/lib/elasticsearch/nodes . It is not pick the folder under the /usr/share/elasticsearch/data

Mmm.. You could try to run ES not as a service and see what happens. If it can help you, my /usr/share/elasticsearch/ doesn't have any data directory, but i can put and get indexes

Maybe this can help you:

Oh..Let me check that way and get back you if any.. Thanks a lot

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