UCS-2LE encoding not harvested

(Benny ter Horst) #1


I have a log file with with ucs-2 little endian encoding.
For some reason these log file are not harversted by Filebeat if no encoding is configured.
When I have tried to configure the follwoing encoding entries none seem to work:
encoding: UCS-2LE
encoding: UCS-2BE

I get the following error on startup: Exiting: error loading states for prospector 2817249587859242041: unknown encoding('UCS-2BE')

Regards benny

(Steffen Siering) #2

Try utf16 instead of UCS-2. I'm not sure the decoding libs do define UCS-2, but UTF-16 is definitely supported.

(Benny ter Horst) #3

Hi Steffen,

Thanks for the reply.
That seems to work as well.

Regards benny

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