UML diagrams for Eastic stack application

Hi everybody.
I am doing a project as extracting data from oracle DB and indexing in elaticsearch and visualizing them by kibana.
my prof asked me to build a class diagram, use case diagram, object diagram, sequence diagram and etc.
but i am so confused about that and i don't know how is it possible to build this UML diagrams for this usage.
any idea how is it possible and any hint or tutorials are welcome!


If I was asked such a thing, with only your given context, I would be confused too.
I would probably only write use cases and perhaps provide system sequence diagrams, and only documenting the success path.
The others don't make sense in the given context.
Ask your prof what he/she means by that.

i am also confused so much , i think my prof did not really understood what i am doing!!!

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