Unable to access a token filter installed as a plugin

I'm an ES noob - I've tried searching for an answer but haven't been able
to find one so far.

Environment: OSX, NetBeans, ES 1.4.2, Sense

I've created a plugin (modeled after analysis-phonetic) - src is attached
as a zip (I hope that's acceptable list etiquette?)

I built the plugin using NetBeans.

I installed the plugin using: plugin --url
file:target/elasticsearch-analysis-units-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar --install

I restarted elastic search and it loads the plugin and produces log output
from the plugin:
[2015-02-06 12:23:15,268][INFO ][plugins ] [Ringmaster]
loaded [analysis-units, marvel], sites [marvel, head]
[2015-02-06 12:23:21,235][INFO ][units-conversion-plugin ] >>>>>>> On
module called for units conversion binder processor
[2015-02-06 12:23:21,243][INFO ][units-conversion-plugin ] >>>>>>>>>>>

However, when I try and access the new filter I get a 400 error response:


PUT /testunits
"settings": {
"analysis": {

  "analyzer" : {
      "my_analyzer" : {
        "tokenizer" : "standard",
        "filter" : ["my_filter"]
    "filter" : {
      "my_filter" : {
        "type" : "units"


"error": "IndexCreationException[[testunits] failed to create index];
nested: ElasticsearchIllegalArgumentException[failed to find token filter
type [units] for [my_filter]]; nested: NoClassSettingsException[Failed to
load class setting [type] with value [units]]; nested:
"status": 400

Hopefully, I'm just doing something stoopid....

John H.

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