Unable to access kibana despite creating azure elastic ISV service with owner subscription

I am working on deploying azure elastic ISV service and using it with apps deployed in AKS cluster. Deployed successfully, but any elastic task I do after that is prompted for approval from admin (like accessing kibana) despite me having a owner role on the azure subscription. Not sure who is supposed to receive those approval requests. Also, how to figure out username and password of azure elastic I created. Quick help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hi @Francis_Salvin Welcome to the community and thanks for Try Elastic Cloud.

There are 2 ways to Sign Up / Provision Elastic Cloud from Azure : Direct or through the Azure Marketplace which did you use.

Apologies I am not clear can you provide more detail or screenshots

There are credentials to log into the Elastic Cloud Console and there are Credentials For each Elastic Deployment (cluster) Elasticsearch and Kibana etc

When an Elastic Cluster is Created / Deployed the elastic user and password are created and shared 1 time. If no one captured that the Elastic Cloud Admin would need to log in and reset it.

To log into Kibana you will need that elastic user /password OR the cluster admin will need to create a user/password for you.

Can you provide a little more detail and perhaps we can help.

Thanks @stephenb for quick response.

Azure account which had owner role on the azure subscription, created elastic cloud through azure marketplace (Used elastic cloud - azure native ISV service)

As you can see in the above image, It did not provide any option to configure elastic username and password. Even after creation, the azure account received completed status alone as shown in below image and did not receive elastic username/password directly or to the mail.


Forgot to attach in previous reply. Below is all I got after deploying it successfully.

Hmmm did you refer to the documentation here :

At this point you will need to log into the Elastic Cloud console and reset your elastic user password (assuming no one else is using it)

Navigate to the Elastic Cloud Contol Panel and find the deployment and reset the elastic user password

How can I access my Elastic Cloud deployment?

Navigate to the deployment overview page in Azure:

  1. Select a deployment to open the deployment overview page.You now have a few options to access your deployment:
  • Elasticsearch endpoint - the URL for the Elasticsearch cluster itself
  • Kibana endpoint - the UI for the Elastic Stack, a great way for new users to get started
  • Elastic Cloud - Open the Advanced Settings link to access the deployment in the Elastic Cloud console, to change the size of the deployment or upgrade it.

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