Unable to build custom beat without github

Step 1: I have cloned beat (https://github.com/elastic/beats) and added my custom logic. My custom logic has update in the given file (src\github.com\somegithub\iibbeat\beater\iibbeat.go) and I have added new folder(mqsi) with one go file.


then I have committed my changes
Step 2:

git add --all
git commit

Step 3:
executed mage build this resulted me with below prompt

[machineuser@mymachine iibbeat]$ mage build
Username for 'https://github.com':

My query is I could not use github from my organization machine.
How can I avoid git hub (Public/Private) for my custom beat build and testing ?

Note : I am able to build and run the custom beat without my custom logic. When there is no custom logic, mage build command is not prompting me for the git username.

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