Unable to connect enterprise search running through docker to elastic search instance running in AWS

Trying to run enterprise search through docker using following docker-compose.yml

version: '2.2'

    image: docker.elastic.co/enterprise-search/enterprise-search:7.10.2
      - "ent_search.auth.source=standard"
      - "elasticsearch.username=USERNAME"
      - "elasticsearch.password=PASSWORD"
      - "elasticsearch.host="ELASTIC_HOSTNAME"
      - "allow_es_settings_modification=true"
      - "secret_management.encryption_keys=['e2cf0f139f170c3343fc118e0cc06f3666d20e170c06a91189f332e9b97fe0cf']"
      - 3002:3002

My elastic search instance is running in AWS and not running through docker

Error occurring on docker-compose up -->

Error: key not found: "plugins" at org/jruby/RubyHash.java:1274:in `fetch'


Sorry you are having issues with running Enterprise Search. Is your Elasticsearch cluster an officially licensed one? At least a free Basic license is required on Elasticsearch for it to be compatible with the Enterprise Search solution.

Hi, thanks for your response.

My elastic search instance is a licensed one hosted in my aws account.
The above docker file worked when i was running my elastic search instance as well through docker. When i shifted it to an actual instance running in aws cluster , it starting giving the above error.

Hi, can someone please assist me on this issue.

Not sure if this is an error in the actual config you are using or just a typo in forum post, but it seems that you shouldn't have a " before ELASTIC_HOSTNAME.

Do you mean the aws Elasticsearch service?

@warkolm Yes, i am using aws elastic search service and trying to provide that hostname in the docker compose file for enterprise search.

Ok, that's not supported sorry.

You will need to upgrade to Elastic Cloud, which can run on AWS via the Marketplace.

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