Unable to create remote node client

Hi all --

I have a 4-node cluster and I am trying to have several remote node clients
join the cluster to perform some ETL in parallel. I have disabled multicast
since my cloud provider blocks it, and I am configuring the client as shown
below (Scala) to hold no data and be a remote client. The connection goes
through successfully, but it seems like the client does not join the target
cluster -- despite the apparently successful connection, the query fails
stating the index does not exist. I have checked that the query works
correctly using the transport client -- only having throuble with node
connections, which I really need since I'm trying to reach maximum
throughput for reindexing operations.

val props = new Properties()
props.setProperty("discovery.zen.ping.multicast.enabled", "false")
props.setProperty("cluster.name", "mycluster")
props.setProperty("node.client", "true")
props.setProperty("node.data", "false")
props.setProperty("node.local", "false")
props.setProperty("gateway.type", "none")
val settings = ImmutableSettings.settingsBuilder().put(props).build()
val node = NodeBuilder.nodeBuilder().settings(settings).build()
val esClient = node.client
val out =

Many thanks in advance.

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