Unable to deploy functionbeat on S3

I keep getting the following error

Function: cloudwatchlogging, could not deploy, error: bucket 'functionbeat-advertising' already exist and you don't have permission to access it: unknown endpoint, could not resolve endpoint, partition: "aws", service: "s3", region: "", known: [ap-southeast-2 us-west-1 ap-south-1 eu-south-1 eu-west-3 ap-northeast-1 s3-external-1 sa-east-1 us-east-1 ca-central-1 eu-north-1 eu-west-2 me-south-1 af-south-1 ap-east-1 ap-northeast-2 eu-central-1 us-west-2 us-east-2 ap-southeast-1 aws-global eu-west-1]

2021-09-30T23:07:49.604+0530 DEBUG [cli-handler] cmd/cli_handler.go:62 Deploy execution ended

Fail to deploy 1 function(s)

My AWS CLI credentials are setup and have access to S3 buckets. I have seen other users raise this issue before but have not got a reply. Can someone please help.
I have created a policy with all permissions from here - IAM permissions required to deploy Functionbeat | Functionbeat Reference [7.15] | Elastic
and I have attached that policy to my AWS user

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Looks to be complaining about the endpoint and region. Can u post ur config?

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