Unable to disable dynamic mapping

I'm using version 1.7.4

We've set index.mapper.dynamic: false in the elasticsearch.yml

I've noticed that new fields are automatically created (and added to the mapping) even though they are not part of the original mapping we provided.

I was under the impression that dynamic:false ignores fields that are not defined (as opposed to strict that also throws an exception).

Am I missing something?

Try adding "dynamic":"false" to your mapping:


Isn't putting index.mapper.dynamic: false in the elasticsearch.yml file a valid configuration?
Does elasticsearch ignore that?

I think your index mapping may overwrite the settings in elasticsearch.yml.

But I wanted the default to block dynamic mappings

Can you post your current mapping templates?

Sounds like this was a known bug & possibly fixed in December, though I'm not sure how to tell in which version (I'm still rather new to git).

It will be fixed in version 2.3.0 of Elasticsearch.