Unable to enroll elastic agent on windows devices

Elastic agent and on-prem cluster on 8.12.1. I'm trying to enroll the agent on windows devices and am getting failures "error starting tcp listener for runtime manger: listen tcp bind". "Error: failed to communicate with Elastic Agent daemon: rpc error: code + unavailable desc = connection error: "transport" error while dialing: open \.\pipe\elastic-agent-xxxx. The System cannot find the file specified. Verified that port 6789 is not used prior to install. Install of elastic-agent successful. --insecure flag is passed during the install command via powershell. Verified running the ps script as admin. Verified the windows firewall is off and all third-party security agents are not installed.

In C:\Program Files\Elastic\Agent, the folder is empty and I cannot browses down into it. During the agent install the output via elastic is “Elastic Agent will be installed at C:\Program files\Elastic\Agent and will run as a service”. However, this doesn’t look like its happened.
I do see another instance “elastic-agent-8.12.1-windows-x86_64” in C:\Windows\System32 that drills down and there is an elastic-agent-“xxxx” instance. Most logs look good except for “agent is not upgradable, not starting watcher”, “Capabilities file not found is C:\windows\system32\elasix-agent-…..\capabilities.yml”. “Docker provider skipped, unable to connect: protocol not available”. Post install there are now six entries all on localhost to view-locahost with ports 50229, 50231, 50240, 50253,50270,50271. These entries have bidirectional connections and are established.

I’ve tried this on both windows VMs and workstations and receive the same outcome.

Thanks in advance