Unable to fetch mapping on fresh installs of Kibana and Elasticsearch

I have installed Elasticsearch and Kibana, and X-pack on both. I have set up a mapping for, and uploaded the Shakespeare dataset. When I use http://localhost:9200/_cat/indices, I see the index: yellow open shakespeare Zb2R63JaSN-KnFuS4efZOQ 5 1 111395 0 22.8mb 22.8mb, but in /app/kibana#/management/kibana/index, when I enter the mapping, it says 'Unable to fetch mapping.' I try variations of shakes*, and it still says the same thing. Where should I look to see what the problem is.

Kibana will often return that if the user you're logged in as doesn't have access to the index's settings. If you have superuser access I'd try that to narrow down the root cause.

You could also compare notes with what elasticsearch is returning by going to Console and making a request for field_stats:

GET /shakes*/_field_caps?fields=_source,_id,_type_index,_score

Thanks. I used 'elastic' user, and it worked.

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