Unable to implement an interface provided in Java REST client 5.3.0

The HttpAsyncReponseConsumerFactory 's access modifier as it sits in version 5.3.0 of Java REST Client libraries is package protected, i.e, no access modifier has been specified therefore users will not be able to implement it.

However, the javadoc for the org.elasticsearch.client.HttpAsyncResponseConsumerFactory says :


  • Factory used to create instances of {@link HttpAsyncResponseConsumer}. Each request retry needs its own instance of the
  • consumer object. Users can implement this interface and pass their own instance to the specialized
  • performRequest methods that accept an {@link HttpAsyncResponseConsumerFactory} instance as argument.

I believe implementing the aforementioned interface is the only way to specify a buffer limit of higher than 100 MB?

Can someone please advise? Much appreciated.

This was indeed a bug, fixed with https://github.com/elastic/elasticsearch/pull/23970.

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