Unable to load JNA native support library

I am trying to do some familiarization with Elasticsearch before deploying it in to our production environment for security analytics. So I set up a VM with Ubuntu 16.04.2 (32 bit). I have Java openjdk version 1.8.0_131 running. I was going through the install steps for Elasticsearch 5.5.0. When I tried to start the node and single cluster, I get the following "unable to load JNA native support library" error plus a lot of other warnings. Please see below. I don't think it is a memory issue because the df -h command shows /dev/sda1 only at 26% useage. Any ideas why the node/cluster will not start correctly?

I suspect it may be because you are running on a 32-bit OS. If you look at the support matrix it is stated that _"We currently only support and test x86_64 architectures.". I would recommend trying with a 64-bit VM instead.

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