Unable to make a field aggregatable in kibana

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Yeah i did this only

Downloaded the zip for 6.5.4 from url :

The jar files didnt execute on double click or from GIT BASH

Also in this : ./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install is a mac command & not for windows

In previous post i was taking about :

Which are again mac commands.

Can you please guide how to install this on windows

(David Pilato) #23

May be read https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/plugins/current/plugin-management-custom-url.html

(Nikhil Kumar) #24

If you see below image we need to repeat this for each document by hard coding tha value of "my_field" .But what i actually wanted was that "message" field in all documents in an index is split automatically in 1 go . For this we need to run the command one by one that too by using actual value of message(my_field in this case) field .


(David Pilato) #25

I don't think I understand what you wrote and what the problem is.

May be someone else?

(Dilip Kumar) #26

First you need to do mapping your index if want to aggregation kind of things, if you have already data in index then need to create new index with mapping and re index .

(Nikhil Kumar) #27

The above snap is from the link you shared .What i tried saying in the above post was that this soln does not solve my scenario

(David Pilato) #28

I explained how to parse a CSV content and extract data to fields.
Not sure what else you want.

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