Unable to monitor the host machine via Auditbeat Docker

I have been trying to monitor my host using Auditbeat docker but so far I am unable to see any login attemps to my ELK stack (SIEM). The container runs without any problems. Here is the command used to bring up the contaner:

docker run
docker.elastic.co/beats/auditbeat:7.4.2 -e
-E output.elasticsearch.hosts=["elasticsearch:9200"]

Here are the rules running
auditctl -l
-a never,exit -S all -F pid=15025
-w /etc/passwd -p wa -k identity
-a always,exit -F arch=b32 -S open,creat,truncate,ftruncate,openat,open_by_handle_at -F exit=-EPERM -F key=access

auditctl -s
enabled 1
failure 0
pid 15025
rate_limit 0
backlog_limit 8192
lost 0
backlog 0
backlog_wait_time 0
loginuid_immutable 0 unlocked

Any idea what is still missing?

Thanks in advance

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