Unable to register Fleet server 7.15.0 with Elastic 7.15.0

Hi there:

I have my elastic stack applications 7.15.0 managed by elastic on k8s operator 1.8.0

I have my fleet server service and elastic service in k8s as 

fleet-server-quickstart-agent-http   ClusterIP    <none>        8220/TCP   57m
quickstart-es-http                   ClusterIP     <none>        9200/TCP   58m

In Kibana UI 
My fleet setting are 

Fleet hosts

Elastic hosts

Still fleet server is not seen from Kibana UI

This used to work with elastic stack application 7.14.1

Any help to diagnose is highly appreciated

I also noticed many error logs in fleet server pod. 
E1007 23:38:19.170441      14 reflector.go:127] pkg/mod/k8s.io/client-go@v0.19.4/tools/cache/reflector.go:156: Failed to watch *v1.Node: failed to list *v1.Node: nodes "ip-10-250-68-153.us-east-2.compute.internal" is forbidden: User "system:serviceaccount:log-server:elastic-agent" cannot list resource "nodes" in API group "" at the cluster scope

fleet agent pod has warning
2021-10-07T23:29:42.276Z	WARN	cmd/enroll_cmd.go:443	Remote server is not ready to accept connections, will retry in a moment.
2021-10-07T23:39:42.278Z	INFO	cmd/enroll_cmd.go:450	Retrying enrollment to URL: https://fleet-server-monitoring-agent-http.log-server.svc:8220/

Hi @pingz, thanks for your question. There is a small bug in Agent in Fleet mode quickstart doc that is causing this. Please add - nodes in the role permissions for the Agent just as in the PR to fix this.


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