Unable to restore snaphost

HI ,Please help on this issue ... unable restore
hduser@HMCOHWPC0218:~/Scripts$ curl -XPOST "192.168.XX.XX:9200/_snapshot/my_backup/20180405-000501/_restore?wait_for_completion=true"

{"snapshot":{"snapshot":"20180405-000501","indices":["graylog_0"],"shards":{"total":4,"failed":4,"successful":0}}}hduser@HMCOHWPC0218:~/Scripts$ />

please take the time to properly describe your problem. include full requests and especially full responses, your configuration, and what you except to happen within this context. This tidbit of information is not helpful. There is no error message and all you claim is you are not able to restore.

If you need help it is super important to provide as much information as possible, so others can chime in.

Thank you!


HI Alex , Thanks for your prompt reply ...
Am trying to restore my snapshot backup which is 20180405-000501 using the below command
curl -XPOST "192.168.XX.XX:9200/_snapshot/my_backup/20180405-000501/_restore?wait_for_completion=true"

finally i got this response

failed :4 and successful:0 ... Were is restored failed..
Request you to please advice me How to restore my snapshot backup

is there anything in the logfiles? Have you made sure the graylog_0 index does not exist before restoring? How long does that restore operation take? And how big is that snapshot?

Hi ... issue has been resolved ..due to my indices set as 1 ..Now i have increased 4 indices
It's getting restored fine Thanks for your reply :smile:

Snapshot siz:12GB

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