Unable to retrieve more 10k records from elastic search using rest api

I'm trying to get more than 10k records from an Elasticsearch using the Rest api (http://localhost:9200/json-metrics/_search), but all I have is the rest api link, which is the input to my BI tool. I need those records in single url link. how to use the Rest API to get more than 10,000 records

You can use:

  • the size and from parameters to display by default up to 10000 records to your users. If you want to change this limit, you can change index.max_result_window setting but be aware of the consequences (ie memory).
  • the search after feature to do deep pagination.
  • the Scroll API if you want to extract a resultset to be consumed by another tool later. (Not recommended anymore)

im new to elk, may be where to set the cofiguration index.max_result_window , any example for this

im using Nest

As I wrote, it's probably a bad idea.

but be aware of the consequences (ie memory).

index.max_result_window is an index setting. So you set it when you create the index. I think you can update this setting on an existing index. Update index settings API | Elasticsearch Guide [7.15] | Elastic

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