Unable to search number and date in kibana Discover TAB

(balaji) #1

Hi everyone,

I am using kibana4.5.4
elasticsearch 2.3.3

Iam trying to search data and date with regular expression in the disover tab of kibana

But we have data like
"url":"/abc/bcd/gcd/sample.jpg" //not-analyzed string
//Able to access by giving url:*jpg in discover tab

But we have also data like
"url":"/abc/bcd/gcd/11K ButThis we cant access by url:*K

Even the date format(dateOptinalTime format)
"http_timestamp": "2016-09-08 12:27:31" ///Even this not able access in discover tab in this below way "http_timestamp": "2016-09-08 12:27:31"

Please anyone help me how to access this in discover tab

(Tyler Smalley) #2

Using the data you provided, I was able to successfully query the records using a wildcard.

In the example of "/abc/bcd/gcd/11K", make sure that there is no whitespace after "K". When searching on the timestamp, you will need to encapsulate the value in quotes since it contains a colon http_timestamp:"*12:27:31"

(balaji) #3

Hi tsmalley,

Thank for your reply ...But we are getting invalid format..

Without regex it is working like this http_timestamp: "2016-09-08 12:27:31"

BUt we have requirement like we need to get only 2010 years should be displayed..

For that trying http_timestamp:"2010*"

PLease help me out for getting search query for specific year

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