Unable to see console logs in Elastic Synthetics

Hello. We are moving our monitors from New Relic to Elastic (as inline journeys). Why can't we see console logs in the "Console" tab? What is this tab for? Should we use something else instead of console.log()?

For example:

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So the console logs tabs besides code executed tabs only shows console logs from browser page on which script is being executed.

For now we only show logs coming from scripts logs in error details page , if you think it would be useful to show them as part of each step as well . i will suggest open an enhancement request

Example of showing scripts logs in error details page, look at bottom table


Test Run Logs - that's enough. Thanks a lot.

There is a way to trigger logs within browser page via

    await page.evaluate(() => {
      console.log('hello', 42, { foo: 'bar' }); // Issue console.log inside the page

this will be captured per step and reported in the tab you described but only for failed steps.

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