Unable to see data into Apache's Default Dashboard with filebeat which is sending data to logstash

Hello All,

I have setup ELK stack on Windows Server 2019 and used filebeat to read Apache's log files and it's output is configured to send all data to Logstash and able to see data but when i try to see all those data into Apache's imported dashboard. I guess with logstash output from filebeat apache's log files are not working and i have tried to setup Apache's filter as well but still not working.

Can someone please help me to fix this?


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What does your output config to Elasticsearch look like?

I have directed output to logstash.


The Logstash hosts

hosts: ["logstash:5044"]

Please format your code/logs/config using the </> button, or markdown style back ticks. It helps to make things easy to read which helps us help you :slight_smile:

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