Unable to serialize type: <class 'elasticsearch_dsl.document.InnerDoc'

I am just in the process of moving from an old version of Elasticsearch to 6.8. All is going well except that I am getting the above error when attempting to update\add a record.

This is my code

if not isinstance(existing_es_doc, dict):
    esdoc_clean = existing_es_doc.to_dict()
    esdoc_clean = existing_es_doc

r = es.update(index=index,  doc_type='product_set_change_log', id=self.isbn_id + '-%s' % self.api_id,
                          body={'doc': esdoc_clean, 'doc_as_upsert': True})

The full error is

TypeError("Unable to serialize {'territories': [], 'salesRightsType': u'01'} (type: <class 'elasticsearch_dsl.document.InnerDoc'>)",))

The type that it is referring too is InnerDoc, I can see that in the esdoc_clean dict.

As part of the migration this import was no longer valid

from elasticsearch_dsl import InnerObjectWrapper

I get my body from another service, so I can't modify that

This worked on the older Elasticsearch version

Has anyone seen this before?



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