Unable to Set sync = false in elastic apm while doing custom instrumentation

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APM Agent language and version: Java 11.0.19 apm agent 1.48.1

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I am trying to set up some custom instrumentation and tracing
and i know for a fact that the method i am trying to instrument is an async operation since its is called in a background thread always.
I want to show the async badge in apm by some how setting the sync=false in the span but the Elastic apm api does not expose any method to modify this span and make it sync=false.
all i can do is set some label but then those don't show up in the apm ui with the async badge.

 private <T> Callable<T> wrapTask(Callable<T> delegate) {
    return () -> {
      log.info("setting config refresh label to sync false");
      final Span span = ElasticApm.currentSpan();
      span.setLabel("sync", false);
      final T call = delegate.call();
      log.info("setting this to sync ");
      return call;

Hi @amaan75 ,

If you have a clear way to identify your async spans (for example through their name or custom labels), then it should be possible to use a custom ingest pipeline to modify them: Parse data using ingest pipelines | Elastic Observability [8.12] | Elastic

However this <signal>-apm@custom custom pipeline does not apply to the version you are using, however it's possible to modify the APM ingest pipelines themselves to achieve this: Pipelines | APM Server Reference [7.13] | Elastic.

I am not an expert on the ingestion details, especially the older versions, but this usually the recommended way to manually alter the captured data before storage.