Unable to set trackTotalHits to true in Java RestHighLevelClient


I'm unable to make use of track_total_hits flag when using Java RestHighLevelClient. I was checking Elastic code a bit and it looks like the RequestConverters#addSearchRequestParams method is adding only certain params from SearchRequest object. I confirmed this is indeed the case with ES v7.13.0 and v6.7.0 (calling RequestConverters.search(r, "_search") via debugger)



The call to RequestConverters.search(searchRequest, "_search").getParameters(); shows track_total_hits isn't part of parameters, even though trackTotalHits is true/intValue.

Please confirm if this could be a bug or there's some other way to setTrackTotalHits when using RestHighLevelClient. Thanks

Hi @shashi-bhushan
You can set here:

    SearchSourceBuilder searchSourceBuilder = new SearchSourceBuilder();

You can read in git the reasons for this change from version 6.x to 7.x and also in this answer on stackoverflow.

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