Unable to sort on @timestamp


I'm using Kibana v5.2.2 and Elasticsearch v5.2.2

I have Kibana setup to view my logs and I want to sort them by the @timestamp field but the little triangle that appears next to _score to let you sort by score doesn't appear next to @timestamp and I can't workout why?

Hmm, that should work in 5.2.2. It doesn't show up when you hover over timestamp?

What does the field look like under management? This is how mine looks and I was able to sort on it:


It doesn't appear if I hover over timestamp either, I just get an "X" symbol.


The field appears to be the same as yours under management

cc @lukas or @Bargs - you ever see anything like this?

I haven't. Can you provide your mapping for this field? Are you able to sort by the "Time" column?


I can't sort on the Time column or well any column apart from _score actually.

My mapping for this field is ...

"@timestamp": {
    "type": "date"

That's bizarre. I've tried in 5.2.2 and can't reproduce it. Maybe removing the index pattern and re-creating it would help?


I might be able to give that a go, I'll let you know if it helps.

I'm not hopeful though we've built 4 of these Elasticsearch / Kibana clusters with config management and they all have this issue, so I suspect we've done something wrong but I can't workout what it is :confused:


I just took a look at the code and I also can't see how this could happen if your @timestamp field is a date and aggregatable, which it clearly is in the screenshot you posted.

Do you think you could create a minimal data set that reproduces this issue on a fresh kibana and ES install? If we could reproduce the issue we could debug it further, but at the moment I'm at a loss for what other questions to even ask.

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