Unable to Start ES Cluster using docker-compose on M1 Mac

Need to set up a 3 node cluster using docker on my M1 Mac, using docker desktop/docker-compose.
I am getting the following error:

2023-10-19 10:33:05 ERROR: [1] bootstrap checks failed. You must address the points described in the following [1] lines before starting Elasticsearch.
2023-10-19 10:33:05 bootstrap check failure [1] of [1]: max file descriptors [64000] for elasticsearch process is too low, increase to at least [65535]

I have followed the documentation to try and set the vm.max_map_count setting to no avail.
Have tried using screen, there is no tty session to connect to.
Have tried using docker-machine ssh - There are no docker-machines to connect to

I'm wondering if you should do something like this: Install Elasticsearch with Docker | Elasticsearch Guide [8.10] | Elastic

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