Unable to start Kibana


I have Kibana 4.4. Today, I installed most of the Kibana plugins from this site:

However, I have not been able to start Kibana since. I removed Timeline and Sankey from Kibana but that didn't help. Here are the lines from the log. Anyone knows why this is happening? Thanks!!

{"type":"log","@timestamp":"2016-04-01T19:55:50+00:00","tags":["info","optimize"],"pid":5290,"message":"Optimizing and caching bundles for kibana and statusPage. This may take a few minutes"}
{"type":"log","@timestamp":"2016-04-01T19:56:46+00:00","tags":["fatal"],"pid":5290,"level":"fatal","message":"EACCES, open '/opt/kibana/optimize/bundles/3.3.bundle.js'","error":{"message":"EACCES, open '/opt/kibana/optimize/bundles/3.3.bundle.js'","name":"Error","stack":"Error: EACCES, open '/opt/kibana/optimize/bundles/3.3.bundle.js'\n at Error (native)","code":"EACCES"}}

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Have you checked the file permissions? I would also recommend installing the plugins as you need them.


Thanks Tyler, I modified the permission on the "kibana" user and Kibana is up now. Not sure why this wasn't an issue before.

However, now I'm getting this error on elasticsearch
[2016-04-01 18:12:36,119][INFO ][rest.suppressed ] /myindex/cols/_count Params: {}
ElasticsearchSecurityException[unable to authenticate user [myuser] for REST request [/myindex/cols/_count]]

I am using Shield and authentication was working fine until now. I removed the user, added it back, but still can no longer access this particular node via CURL. Other node is working fine with same user/password. Can Kibana issue cause this? Thanks a lot!

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What version of Kibana are you upgrading from? Did you also upgrade ElasticSearch? If so from what version did you upgrade to?

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It sounds like this issue might happen if plugins are installed before Kibana has successfully been started for the first time.

Try this:

chown kibana:kibana /opt/kibana/optimize/.babelcache.json


Thanks Tyler,
I am using 4.4, I didn't upgrade. I just wanted to install those plugins and tried to restart kibana after installing them. Yes, chown kibana:kibana on entire "opt" folder helped with the initial issue but now I am suddenly facing auth issue with elasticsearch. The node has been running for a month with basic auth without any problem until today. I'm not sure if kibana problem will break it.

I am thinking to just launch another node and shut down this one though.


(Tyler Smalley) #7

What do you have for your kabana.yml? Do you have elasticsearch.username and elasticsearch.password set?


Yes I do. I filled configs below out. It's been working fine for a month now until today.
elasticsearch.username: "putUsername_Here"
elasticsearch.password: "putPasswordHere"

Thanks a lot!


I ended up taking down that node and added another one. Thanks for all of the help though!

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