"Unable to Tessellate shape....Possible malformed shape detected." Error while indexing in ES 7.17.7

Thanks for the update, Ignacio.
I have been able to collect all the polygons that were failing to index.
There are 16 records, which shows issues in ES versions 7.17 and 8.5. The data was successfully indexed in an ES 6.3.2 instance.
It would be great, if you can test out this data as well. @Ignacio_Vera Please do the needful to escalate the issue and produce a viable solution.
Thanks in advance.

Hi everyone!

Just following up on the previous discussions here.

We have observed that the bug in Lucene tessellator affects the latest versions of Elasticsearch. Version 6.3 seems to be unaffected by this issue and even tested with 6.8.23 which was able to handle all the polygons under consideration, except for the first and last one in the file shared.

Just wanted to check what exactly was the breaking change in the later versions compared to ES 6.x that the bug was introduced. Is it the just the Lucene version used by ES causing this issue??

A question to the Elastic Team. @Ignacio_Vera @stephenb @warkolm

What's the timeline on getting a fix for this issue on Elasticsearch?
Does Lucene have to release a patched version first or does Elasticsearch provide a fix on their own? When can we expect a release with this issue fixed?

Thanks in advance.

In this case, the fix we'll be added to Lucene first. Once a Lucene version is released with the fix and Elasticsearch uses that version as a dependency, the it will be fixed in Elasticsearch.

I cannot give any dateline but just looking to the history you can see that Lucene is released every two months more or less and Elasticsearch adds the dependency not too long after it. Sorry but I cannot be more precise.

Thanks for the update @Ignacio_Vera. :elasticheart:

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