Unable to view debug logs

While instrumenting python framework, where to view the debug logs.

In transport/http.py:

there is a call as given below:
logger.debug("Sent request, url=%s size=%.2fkb status=%s", url, len(data) / 1024.0, response.status)

Where to see this kind of log, and what are the steps to enable if not enabled by default

I assume you're talking about the Elastic APM Python Agent since you're talking about instrumenting. You need to enable debug-level logging. See the agent docs on logging config for instructions on that.

EDIT: I've moved your topic to the APM section of the forum from the Elasticsearch section - in case you search for it.

Thank you so much.
It worked.

1 Follow up , it is insisting to add a version key with value 1 any idea why?

Where is it adding that? Could you post an example message or screenshot of what you mean?

in settings.py we have to put below dictionary:

'handlers': {
'console': {
'level': 'DEBUG',
'class': 'logging.StreamHandler'
'loggers': {
'elasticapm': {
'level': 'DEBUG',
'handlers': ['console']
'version': 1,

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