Unassigned Shards elastic 7.6.0

So, Here is the condition.

some of my index are unassigned and the status is red. then i assign it manually using this command

POST _cluster/reroute
   "commands": [
       "allocate_empty_primary": {
         "index": "project.myindex-2022.02.13",
         "shard": 3,
         "node": "data1",
         "accept_data_loss": "true"

as you see i assign that shard to data1 but the shard allocation process doesn't start. I repeated running the command several times but the shard allocation process is still hasn't started. any suggestion?

FYI Elasticsearch 7.6 is EOL and you should upgrade ASAP.

It'd be useful if you could share the output from _cat/recovery?v.

oh, sorry i use 7.7.1 version. and about my issue now is solved. i close and reopen the index and my cluster become green again. thanks for your respone

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7.7 is also EOL :slight_smile: 8.0 is latest.

Ok, tahnks I will consider that

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