Unclear setup for the documented "Migration from the High Level Rest Client" topic

The current java api client documentation contains a chapter regarding migration. This describes the usage of High Level Rest Client in combination with the Java API Client:

But there are no information provided how the dependency to RestHighLevelClientBuilder is properly resolved? Please add documentation for the recommended setup in gradle and maven.

Should i be declaring:
for the migration setup to work?

If you are migrating, you need both dependencies until you have removed all the old code using the HLRC.

Would you be able to add this info also to the referenced migration documentation page since it is uncommon to add similar dependencies with two different versions to the pom file?
Thank you for the info

We've added a paragraph that makes it more explicit that HLRC 7.x works with Java API client 8.x Migrating from the High Level Rest Client | Elasticsearch Java API Client [8.1] | Elastic

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