Understand CPU based auto scaling of ElasticSearch cluster

Assumption: We are able to predict traffic pattern - increase/decrease number of users hitting our Search system.
Usecase: CPU based autoscaling when traffic increases
With SolrCloud: With SolrCloud sharded cluster, we are able to achieve CPU based autoscaling. Add more nodes to each shard, for eg: we add 2 nodes/replicas to each of 4 shards. This approach is working well for us so far. We are also able take down the extra nodes when traffic is lower.
With ElasticSearch: Does Elastic Search support this kind of auto scaling? Can I get more information on this?
-Priti Gangrade

There is no native support for autoscaling in Elasticsearch. The Elastic Cloud service makes it easy to scale up and down but not automatically. The reasoning is outlined here:


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