Understand ElasticSearch 5.2.2 environment configuration


I am migrating to Elastic Search 5.2.2 from 2.3.1, we are seeing performance Issue while indexing during Load Testing.

We do have 20000 to 40000 on an average id and its content being indexed.
Typically our Shard size is 25 G. We have 150 indexes
No of Shard=5
Replica = 1
No of Master=3
No of Data Node=3

Still not able to figure out performance reason so would like to understand following configuration idle for Production/Recommended in Prod
max number of files
max user processes

Amit Sinha.

  • max number of files - as per the documentation, we recommend setting this to at least 65536
  • vm.max_map_count - we require at least 262144
  • max user processes - we require at least 2048 for nproc

You can find the documentation for these here: Bootstrap Checks | Elasticsearch Reference [5.4] | Elastic

For Xms and Xmx, we usually recommend 1/2 of the machines ram, but no more than 31gb, so if you have 16gb of RAM, you would set these to 8gb (as an example).

Thank You.

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