Unhealthy Deployment

Hi everyone, I have cloud deployment which today went unhealthy.

But when I checked the cluster all is healthy.

I have 1 Master, 2 Hot and 1 Warm.
I checked the status of the index and it going through rollover because of its policy. The disk does show red.

Does the deployment get unhealthy when it is moving indices? or is it caused by something else?

No the issue to me looks like an underlying Infra Issue (allocators where the nodes run)... but the actual cluster looks healthy.

I think this would eventually get automatically addressed via Elastic Cloud platform automation, but I would call attention to by opening a ticket.

BTW I am not support, that is why I would suggest you should open a ticket.

Thanks, I will do that.

Oh @wijamw Forgot to say Welcome to the Community and Thanks for Using Elastic Cloud!

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