Unicast pinging to specific ips got issue

Hi All,

I disabled multicast on production and enabled unicast to specific hosts in my cluster today i have observed that one node is accidentally added to my prod cluster is there any specific reason for this .please explain me once.ES version is 1.5.2

The following is my configuration :

 discovery.zen.ping.unicast.hosts: ["ip1","ip2","ip3"]


Did you disable multicast and change the cluster name?

Hi Mark,

No, I came to know that the nodes which are joined accidentally to cluster don't have multi cast disabled and they have same cluster name. let's say other nodes are joined because of these properties but I have defined in existing cluster that connect to these nodes only and disabled multicast too.so it should not ping the other nodes right other than specified ones ? Am i correct? please suggest me in this.


It won't, no.
But if there are others with multicast enabled they can still join.