Unindexed geo_point field. What am I missing?

I have an elastic db which takes in netflow data and enriches them. I have two fields that are defined as below, in the template. (can verify that the template exists from Kibana > index management > mappings)

"dstGeoLocation": {
        "type": "geo_point"
"srcGeoLocation": {
        "type": "geo_point"

The field gets populated with a default 0.0, 0.0 co-ordinate if the geo resolution does not happen.
I'm able to see the field in kibana as below:

The JSON equivalent being:

    "srcGeoLocation": [
        "coordinates": [
        "type": "Point"

However, Kibana complains that this field is un-indexed:

What am I missing here? How do I get this searchable / filterable?

Can you try doing a refresh on the index pattern and see if that changes anything?


How do I refresh the Kibana index? I remember there was a dedicated refresh button for kibana index pattern. However on 7.x+ it seems to be missing. I read somewhere it was removed.

Yeah it was removed in favour of auto-refresh in newer releases, so don 't worry if it's not there.

And just to confirm, the field is definitely mapped as a geopoint?

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