Unique count number of deviations from average score in Kibana Maps


I'm trying to build a map (using the 'Maps' feature) which will represent the number of unique device type that are deviating in a certain measurement from the average of this measurement in a certain area.

If the average is 70, all of the ones with measurement of 70+ will be considered a deviation.

The SQL syntax will be something like so:

SELECT AVG(measurement)
AS overall_measurement
FROM index1


SELECT AVG(measurement)
AS device_measurement
FROM index1
GROUP BY device_type

WHERE device_measurement > overall_measurement

From what I've found there are only simple Metrics aggregations in Maps.
Is there any way to get this information in the Maps feature? Or will I have to create a new index with the information?

hi @Roy_Levy ,

thank you for your question.

this would require a new index, since the Maps-application does not allow you to express this query.

This is a fairly sophisticated metric to visualize, and a lot of charts in Kibana would struggle with this. It would be good to raise an issue here: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/new/choose

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