Unique Doc related to one `field`

Hey, I am using pagination and i want to filter duplicated doc related to one field. For the moment i am trying it with Collapse functionality to filter duplicated and with Cardinality aggregation to get the total unique files. But it is not working as expected.(Since i have docs with same name and different values for isValid flag. I get the correct total number of unique docs from cardinality, but latest pages of pagination have no results(Probably Collapse provide less results). Is there a way how to fix it to have the same number of doc from collapse and the same number of dos from cardinality ? Or is there another way, ( even without using Collapse ) to get the unique docs with pagination ?

const coreSearch = {
			index: 'images',
			body: {
				query: {
					bool: {
						must: [
							{ term: { type: 'png' } },
							{ term: { isValid: false } }
				collapse: { field: 'name.keyword' },
				from: from,
				size: 50,
				aggs: {
					total_files: { cardinality: { field: 'name.keyword' } }

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