Unreasonable response average data duration time

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I'm using an APM-Server with an APM java agent and in a strange way, I receive an unreasonable average response data duration time.

Screenshot attach.

Can you help?

(Felix Barnsteiner) #2

That’s indeed strange. Which versions of the Java agent and APM server are you using?

How many of the documents have a too high response time? You could use the query bar to query for transactions which took longer than 1 hour. Is there a pattern in the transactions which take longer than expected? For example, are they all for the same url or is there some periodicity?

Could you upload the full agent logs here?

(Asaf Shabat) #3


I'm using APM-SERVER 6.4.3 version & Java-Agent 0.7.1
It looks that it needs an upgrade to the latest version so I'll upgrade the ElasticSearch, Kibana, APM-server & the relative Java agent and let you know.


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Hi Felix,

Problem solve!
I had to update the Java agent & the APM server.


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