UnresolvedAddressException in Logstash+Elasticsearch

Logstash is not working in my system(Windows 7).I am using Logstash-1.4.0,kibana-3.0.0,Elasticsearch-1.3.0 version installed in my system.
I created logstash.conf file in logstash-1.4.0(Logstash-1.4.0/logstash.conf).
input {
file {
path => “C:/apache-tomcat-7.0.62/logs/access
filter {
date {
match => [ “timestamp” , “dd/MMM/yyyy:HH:mm:ss Z” ]

output {
elasticsearch { host => “localhost:9205″}

And I run the logstash

c:\logstash-1.4.0\bin>logstash agent -f ../logstash.conf

Getting below Exception
log4j, [2015-06-09T15:24:45.342] WARN: org.elasticsearch.transport.netty: [logstash-IT-BHARADWAJ-5080-4016] exception caught on transport layer [[id: 0x0ee1f960]], closing connection
at sun.nio.ch.Net.checkAddress(Net.java:123)
at sun.nio.ch.SocketChannelImpl.connect(SocketChannelImpl.java:621)
at org.elasticsearch.common.netty.channel.socket.nio.NioClientSocketPipelineSink.connect(NioClientSocketPipelineSink.java:108)
at org.elasticsearch.common.netty.channel.socket.nio.NioClientSocketPipelineSink.eventSunk(NioClientSocketPipelineSink.java:70)
How to solve this problem

I usually find that this is a DNS resolution issue.

try ping localhost while it should work i have run in to issues with it.

Also, double check that your elasticsearch nodes log files. I have see this manifest when elasticsearch has problems resolving DNS addresses as well.