Unsuccessful GETS missing_total = 7138 in nodes/stats

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-What I checked :

  • I have gone through the below doc, which only give the overview, I need more details about the stats:
    get shows statistics about get-by-ID statistics. This includes GET and HEAD requests for a single document.
    Ref: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/guide/current/_monitoring_individual_nodes.html
  • I have gone through the _nodes/stats output, which shows "missing_total": 7138,
    "missing_time_in_millis": 387, Can anyone give more details on what that means
    "get": {
    "total": 9003,
    "time_in_millis": 597,
    "exists_total": 1865,
    "exists_time_in_millis": 210,
    "missing_total": 7138,
    "missing_time_in_millis": 387,
    "current": 0
  • Checking datadog which shows Unsuccessful GETs : 1.17M requests
    I understand GET request retrieves a document based on its ID. An unsuccessful get-by-ID request means that the document ID was not found.
    Ref: https://www.datadoghq.com/blog/monitor-elasticsearch-performance-metrics/

-Where I need help and what I want to know

  • How to get more details of what exactly it is checking "missing_total" and "missing_time_in_millis(Is this overall time or time for not founding one doc"
  • How to know which document ID was not found and how to track that. Any log location which show that or any command which will help me get more detailed dat on that
  • Is the document was not found when any user did a search query? How I can track that
  • What is the consequences of having a value other than 0 in missing_total( In most of the blog result I could almost everyone has this value as 0 in their node stat result)
  • How I can avoid such unsuccessful Get requests?

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Can anyone @elastic team will be able to help me understand this

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@elastic Can anyone help me understand or redirect to the right doc/person? Thank you

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