Unusually high disk usage which plummets after restart of node


I have a 4-node cluster running ES 0.90.1, and I occasionally have a
problem where a node suddenly starts using a lot of disk space for no
apparent reason. Since I don't have any better ideas I then restart the
node, and disk usage plummets back to normal levels, from 40-50 GB to ~15.

Each node in the cluster has 1 CPU, 8GB RAM, and around 60GB disk space.
The indexing load is pretty constant day in day out (around 3M
updates/insertions, mostly updates). At a glance I'd say nodes with a lot
of primaries assigned are more affected, but I could just be paranoid. CPU
usage also tends to jump up a few hours after disk usage starts increasing
rapidly, but that might just be a lack of memory (clearing the cache
usually fixes it).

I would be most appreciative of any idea of what might cause this problem
(and what I can do about it) or what steps I should take to find out.

-- Harmen

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