Update boost value in index mapping is not taking effect

I have index configuration mapping file which I am using to create an index. The mapping contains dynamic mappings with boost value in it. Json snippet is given below:

    "mappings": {
        "dynamic_templates": [
            "strings_title": {
              "match_mapping_type": "*",
    		  "match": "*_t",
              "mapping": {
                "type": "text",
                "analyzer" : "regular",
                "boost" : 4

The boosted values works fine when I create entries and perform a search.

Now when I update the above mapping by updating the boost value to let say "boost":10 , it does not have any effect when i again search.
I did a GET_mapping and can see the mapping is updated with new boost value but it does not getting reflected in scores.

I also called _close, _open, _refresh on index but still no effect. It still uses the old boost value.
Can someone suggest what I am missing here and how I can update the boost value?

These dynamic templates are only applied when a new field gets added to the mapping, but not too existing fields or when a search is executed.

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