Update_by_query/delete_by_query conflicts=proceed doesn't actually perform the operation?

I just discovered that conflicts=proceed doesn't mean "proceed with the requested operation when a conflict occurs"...instead it apparently means "just skip doing the requested operation on that document". I really wish the docs were clearer on that cuz god knows how many bugs I have because of that :sweat_smile:. At any rate, is there any way to get it to actually perform the operation, regardless of if there's a conflict?....like....I'm trying to delete a document, I don't really care what modifications may have happened to it, I know I want to delete it now. Same with the update-by-query, if I want to selectively update a field on the document I don't really care that other fields may have changed on the doc since it was indexed.

I understand there are cases where the modifications do matter...where the conflicting modifications could make the document no longer match the query on update_by_query/delete_by_query, but that doesn't apply in my use case...so I'm hoping there's a way to just force the operation to go through...

It'd be worth creating an issue on GitHub about this to ask for further clarification to be added :slight_smile:

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