Update_by_query in ElasticSearch

Hi All,

I am newbie to ElasticSearch . I am trying to update all the records using following inline script.

ES Version : 5.1.1
POST http://localhost:9200/index_1,index_2/type/_update_by_query?ignore_unavailable=true
"script": {
"inline": "if(ctx._source.containsKey("status")){ctx._source.status.name = 'UPDATED_STATUS_NAME';ctx._source.status.value = 'UPDATED_STATUS_VALUE';ctx._source.status.name = 'UPDATED_STATUS_NAME';ctx._source.status.value = 'UPDATED_STATUS_VALUE';}"

Now consider the following scenario:
1] we hit update by query on ES
2] step 1 is in progress and we get another update request
3] we hit update by query on ES again.
4] Now 2 update queries are in progress.

I want to know how ElasticSearch will behave in such condition.
will there be conflicts ?
will ES be down since we are hitting update by query on thousand's of documents twice or may be the number of times user wants to perform update operation.


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